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Cleanliness is more than about aesthetics in industrial settings. It’s critical to the maintenance of a safe environment.

Factories, warehouses, food manufacturing facilities and labs all face constant challenges. Many relate to maintaining a safe environment. And that involves getting rid of dirt, waste and illness-causing micro-organisms.

The solution is to take out a commercial industrial cleaning contract.
Here are the top 3 benefits of Brisbane industrial cleaning you could look forward to:

1. Improved Safety

Recent figures show 3.5 per cent of Australian workers suffered a work-related injury or illness. That was in one year alone. Those in industrial settings made up a significant proportion of those affected.

Regular industrial cleaning helps keep the workplace safer because:

  • It reduces the likelihood of accidents,
  • It gets rid of pathogens and allergens, such as certain kinds of mould
  • It lowers the chances of a fire breaking out

Removing hazardous materials, spills, and debris mitigates the risks of accidents and injuries. Slips, trips and falls are a potential hazard in all working environments. But, the danger increases in industrial settings with many manual workers.

A safe place of work lets staff know that their employers value them. This reflects back and positively impacts the quality of their work and sense of well-being.

Industrial Cleaning Saves Businesses Time and Money

Businesses will incur costs whenever an accident happens due to sickness or injury. Investigating what went wrong and implementing new procedures takes up valuable time better spent on other jobs.
Industrial cleaning gets rid of contaminants that cause respiratory problems. When mould is present in a factory or warehouse setting, industrial cleaners need immediate attention and action. This is regardless of the severity of any reactions workers may experience.

The procedures carried out by Brisbane industrial cleaning services help keep everyone safe. Deep cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting reduce sickness or injury in the workplace. That leads to lower rates of absenteeism.
Keeping areas clean and tidy also helps reduce the chance of fire breaking out. Small pieces of paper or discarded flammable materials act as kindling. They can set off a potentially catastrophic chain of events.

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    2. Increased Efficiency

    Clean common areas in warehouses, including storerooms, staff rooms, and break areas, play a pivotal role in boosting overall efficiency. A clean environment creates a positive workspace that helps to enhance employee morale and productivity. In well-maintained spaces, employees can easily access necessary tools and equipment, reducing downtime and streamlining operations.

    Additionally, clean break areas encourage employee well-being. Providing a clean space for your employees to relax and recharge during breaks is proven to boost the efficiency of your employees but it also keeps morale high.

    Investing in industrial cleaning services for these common areas not only reflects your commitment to the safety and hygiene of your employees but it also contributes to improved efficiency and boosts the satisfaction levels of both employees and management.

    Regular Industrial Cleaning Helps Maintain Production Levels

    An industrial cleaning schedule also:

    • Reduces the chance of any negative impact on production practices
    • Maintains better levels of factory sanitation for workers
    Industrial Cleaning Prevents Product Contamination

    Contamination can happen when factories have an unclean working area. Dust, dirt or other debris can all interfere with the quality of whatever is under production.
    Businesses can reduce the chances of food-borne illnesses or other types of contamination by implementing a regular and rigorous industrial cleaning program.

    3. Compliance with Regulations

    There are strict rules and regulations for some facilities, particularly in the food and healthcare sectors. These relate to cleanliness, hygiene and environmental standards. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines, legal issues and damage to a company’s reputation.

    These regulations change from time to time, so businesses need to stay on top of them. Castillo Cleaning Services will help ensure your facility is always compliant with regulations, new or old. This helps avoid costly penalties and will maintain a positive industry-wide image.

    Staying on Track

    Let’s take the example of flooring in a business that prepares food.
    The materials used in flooring must:

    • Be appropriate for effective cleaning
    • Be unable to absorb food particles, water or grease
    • Get fitted so as not to allow any “ponding” of water
    • Be unable to provide “harbourage” for pests

    Castillo Industrial Cleaning Services plays a big part in checking that businesses stay compliant. Checklists get incorporated into cleaning schedules. Any areas of concern then get flagged up to the management of industrial-type settings.

    Official workplace environment guidance states that:
    • Spills in the workplace need cleaning up as quickly as possible
    • Walkways need to be clear of obstructions
    • Businesses should store work materials neatly
    • Waste should get regularly removed

    Experts like Castillo Cleaning Services have industry-wide experience. Cleaning and tidying up in a way that complies with all government guidance is second nature.
    That means you can leave the dirty jobs to the professionals. Your workforce can then focus on the job at hand in an environment that’s safe, efficient and compliant.

    Castillo Cleaning Services Are Industry Leaders

    Castillo Cleaning Services will survey all jobs. We’ll consider:

    • Correct industrial cleaning procedures
    • Proper disposal of chemicals
    • Compliance with the waste recycling process.

    We follow strict safety measures to guarantee the successful completion of all our cleaning schedules.

    For a safer industrial business, please work with us. Become a champion of your workers’ right to safety with Castillo Cleaning Services. Get in touch now for a free Brisbane industrial cleaning quote.

    Castillo Industrial Cleaning Services

    We will make sure your Industrial Cleaning needs are met, to a standard that meets your specific business needs.

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